Asbestos Bag


Large Asbestos Bag

  • 250cm long x 150cm deep x 100cm high

  • Cover top with multiple tie points

  • Flat bottom

  • 4 lifting straps

  • 1500kg safe work load

  • 200mu liner

Our asbestos bags have been specifically designed to package asbestos containing material.

We understand that convenience, durability and most importantly safety are essential when packaging asbestos. The successful achievement of these factors come down to a design that consciously considers the size and material of the bag and liner.

The length of these bags are 2.5 metres long meaning that 2.4m roofing sheets and other long pieces of material easily fit inside the bag. 

The bag is made from strong polypropylene and has a safe work load of 1.5 ton.

The 200 micron liner extends the bag by 145cm to allow enough excess plastic to securely contain the waste. 

A cover top on the bulk bag then ties off to add another layer of protection before taking it to land fill.

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