We have a range of plant protection for a variety of applications:

Frost cloth

Our Frost Cloth is made from Polypropylene spun bonded non woven cloth

Our Frost cloth is specially designed for protecting young plants and seedlings from early frost. Our Frost Cloth can also be used for decoration purposes - Parties, weddings and outdoor/indoor events.

(width x length)

  • 3.4m x 200m – 30gsm

  • 2.0m x 500m – 35 gsm

  • 16m x 100m – 25gsm

Frost Cloth Bags

(width x length)

  • 1m x 1.5m – 40gsm

  • Heat cut mouth / opening

Weed mat (ground cover)

(width x length)

  • 91cm x 50m - 100gsm

  • 183cm x 50m - 100gsm

  • 366cm x 50m – 100gsm

White reflective ground cover

(width x length)

  • 3m x 100m

  • 3m x 500m