Hessian Bag 48x78cm

Hessian Bag 48x78cm


Hessian or jute is a natural product made from the skin of the jute plant or sisal fibres which is combined with other vegetable fibres to create our bags and rolls.

Hessian Bags

Size: 480mm (W) x 780mm (H)                  

Weight: 8.9oz

Our hessian bags are very popular in the construction industry as a natural sand bag for flood control or commonly used in culverts. Other uses include apiculture as a natural burning product for bees as well as the perfect packaging solution for scaffold couplers.

Heavy Jute Bags

670mm (W) x 1100mm (H)          

Common applications:

  • Hangi Sack

  • Cover for dog beds in kennels

  • Apiculture industry as a natural burning/ smoking product for bees.


Hessian Rolls

1.83m (W) x 100m (L) 7.5oz (9x9 weaves/sq. inch)

1.83m (W) x 50m (L) 10oz (11x12 weaves/sq. inch) 

Applications include:

  • Concrete / curbing curing

  • Erosion control

  • Cricket scrim

  • General cover

  • Horticulture applications